The Box that keeps on giving…..

//The Box that keeps on giving…..

I like to practice what I preach! How can I sell the merits of using promotional merchandise and branded clothing if I don’t use them myself and, what evidence can I draw upon to prove that this creative method of marketing, if well thought out, can reap rewards?


I am fortunate to work with a trusted and supportive supplier chain, they understand the need to promote, and encourage self-promotion. It helps them to achieve their sales targets and indeed us to achieve ours. Having been in this game for nearly 19 years, I am frequently asked, ‘what’s new?’ As I say to our clients, it’s not necessarily what’s new that’s important, but what is the most appropriate for the message you want to convey and what would your audience appreciate or benefit from?

Additionally, new promotional items do keep your identity ahead of the game and enhance awareness of the environment in which we all operate, this will help to get your brand noticed.

The photos illustrate our latest in-house promotion. I had my reasons for choosing these particular products and the results have been positive:


The MIYO double layer lunch box was a product that ‘caught my eye’, surely it would appeal to our audience and it could be used everyday! The branding opportunities are endless! 


Now to design. The lunch box benefits from a large branding area on the lid, and requires creativity to achieve the maximum impact. What else could we include in the box? We wanted to offer clients a little treat, with some chocolates in the bottom layer and a useful bottle opener which offers another branding opportunity.  Plus the spork, carries branding and will be used time and again!

We contacted clients to tell them their ‘little treats’ were on their way, 70% responded, most of which said they were ‘excited’ to receive their gift. I have now received from 59% of the recipients thank you emails with kind words of appreciation. A fantastic response for any campaign.

Coincidentally, on the day our treat was received by one of our clients, (who probably would have ordered in due course anyway) they placed a very large order for branded clothing! Perhaps the reminder that prompted him, a very positive outcome for our business, proving that effective promotion helps organisations prosper. 😊