Learning Comes in Many Guises!

//Learning Comes in Many Guises!

As a 36-year-old my knowledge of business was non-existent, indeed my ‘learning’ was limited all round! Consumed in life and life’s expectations, but perhaps the learnings at that time were in life?

Business became an option in 2003, ‘business’ (or any passion or interest) can broaden horizons, and my passion, being business, created a genuine desire for learning. The learning began in a practical sense, learning from others, day to day business experiences, learning by mistakes and certainly from reflection.

The learnings evolved, there was a hunger for information, a need to gather as much knowledge from as many sources as possible, be it other business owners, suppliers, customers, or any stakeholder, it didn’t stop. This was a time for experimentation and analysis of every business function, learning along the way, this process continues year on year.

In 2007 an email dropped into my inbox advertising a degree opportunity in Business Management at the University of Hull. Thinking this was far beyond reach for a student who left school with 2 x GCSE passes, I pondered. It seemed based on my working experiences I was accepted on the course, one hurdle jumped, the next being the confidence needed to believe in my ability. Learning through academic means, whilst tough, (I had to learn how to learn for the first time) acted almost as a reinforcement of my practical work learning of many years. My approach to the working world appeared to be the theory in business, and from this, the confidence grew, when you learn about something you love doing, the learning becomes more effective! The degree was completed in 2012, three percent away from a First Class, how frustrating that was!

Maturing now, learning continues, perhaps stronger than ever, as my introduction to business has opened my mind, I believe that a day without learning is a day wasted and have grasped opportunities presented. These learning opportunities come in many guises, benefitting from a Mentor for several years, someone who makes working life accountable, and someone who is happy to listen and suggest ideas. I learn through Peers, through day to day working with my team, through organisations in which I volunteer, but mainly through listening and watching how others do what I do and often do it better.

Learning has made me better, a better businessperson, a better leader, a better volunteer, and most importantly a better person! Learning is everything, life is richer with learning! Learn as much as you can as much as you can.