The Promotion Company Sky Dive in Las Vegas

//The Promotion Company Sky Dive in Las Vegas

Sky dive 2Sky dive 3So to the next Challenge for The Promotion Company!

Angela has recently celebrated the big 50 in Vegas and as part of the trip Richard and Angela decided to fulfil one of the ‘to do’ items on their bucket list, a Sky Dive!

Previously this hasn’t been an option for the couple as they were not leading a healthy lifestyle and Richard did not fit into the weight criteria for the jump.  However over the last 3.5 years they have both worked hard to lose 11 stone between them, which then made their dream possible.

So apparently ‘lucky for some’ Friday 13th January came around, and they went off to jump 15000ft from a light aircraft over the Nevada Desert!

Richard said “That was not what I expected, but better, totally incredible!”  Angela admitted that although this was something completely out of her comfort zone and something she never imagined she might do, she did say “I loved it and would do it again anytime!”

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