Smells like team spirit

//Smells like team spirit

As Confucius said: “‘The fire burns with great intensity if everyone throws in a stick!”

We have been super impressed with the team spirit here at The Promotion Company. We furloughed our staff at the beginning of April, taking the necessary measures to protect our business however, the Cyan fire continues to burn brightly and we are all making great efforts to keep in touch, albeit it on a social basis.

We usually work in one big office together, so it has taken some adjusting, but now almost six weeks in, we are all fine and everyone is looking forward to getting back into the office, hopefully in the not too distant future.

Shortly after lockdown we delivered goody bags to each home, keeping a safe distance of course. These bags included: The Promotion Company team mug, a glass, flags, pens, note pads, and of course we already have our branded polo shirts.

We hold a virtual meet-up once or twice a week. Firstly to find out how we are all feeling and secondly, updates regarding the business.

Every Thursday we meet up before the UK claps for the NHS. We have been taking it in turns to host the quiz — always surrounded by our familiar branded items. Everyone has commented this helps bring us together.

Mugs and glasses are used to drink either tea or a favourite tipple, depending on the nature of the meet, the quiz is definitely social time! We have always enjoyed socialising together, it’s just that right now, everyone is having to find new ways of doing it!

We have also found ways to use our branded items whilst using Zoom:

  • flags wave to celebrate the winner
  • pads and pens for writing the questions and answers
  • cotton shopper bags have found a great use as antimacassars on the backs of the chairs we are sitting in
  • we also try to remember to wear our polo shirts too!

You could say our brand is binding us together, after all, we are all in this together!

We’d love to hear about how you and your team are all getting on during this bizarre time, as the world feels like its upside down.

Whatever your circumstances are right now, we hope you are able to remain positive and remember that: teamwork makes the dream work!