The effect of a Yorkshire Accent

//The effect of a Yorkshire Accent

The start of it, the voice, the accent!

Watching TV, minding my own business and then Marcus Waring asked one of the contestants her name, ‘It’s Molly’, but these words were not said in a way that most folk would say the name Molly, these were said in a way that created a sudden keenness from my lug ‘ole, this lass were from Yorkshire, this lass were from Leeds, where I’m from! That were it, I loved her, I loved her smile, I loved her work ethic, and I loved watching her create some reight good scran. I watched ‘Molly’ thrive in MasterChef: the Professionals, and from then, I were on a mission, would Molly from Leeds come over to the east of God’s own county, I wanted to say, ‘Ow do’, t’ lass in person.

I learnt as a young lass in Leeds myself that if you want summat in life, you av ta go out and gerr it, so that’s what I did.  I found her website and sent her business a message.  Normally, on these things the lads and lasses who are chuffin’ good at cooking go on to do ‘grander’ things, in posh restaurants, so I wondered whether I would ever hear back from her, but I did, by ‘eck, the lass said yeh, she were coming, she were coming to our ‘ouse to cook us some scran!

That were six months ago, and she came on Friday, to cook her specialties; her renowned barbeque – we loved every second.

The art of giving

As a Yorkshire lass, I love having people round, I love entertaining, and I love making our friends and family feel welcome.  That alongside the fact that my career is based on ‘giving’, with promotional materials that form the core of our business. What could I give our guests as a table present? I needed something that captured my thoughts about this young lass, without me even meeting her, something that would act as a reminder of a champion night. I am often asked in my role, what’s different, what’s new in the promotional world. The problem with that of course, is that’s what everyone wants, something new and different, but my advice has always been to go with what works best for your message, the reason why you want to give the gift in the first place. Who you are giving it to? It’s the same in your personal life, you must consider the person you’re buying for, and business is no different, thinking what your markets would like will always be a winner.

What better way to reflect on this special evening with Molly, than my guests enjoying a cuppa, Yorkshire tea from a personalised mug with a phrase that will resonate with each one of them for different reasons in the years to come!

Ta t’lasses

Thank you to my guests, we had a ball, without them it wouldn’t have been the same and a special thank you to Molly and Charlotte from Leeds, your voice warmed my heart (Molly) the first time I heard it, your culinary skills have far exceeded any expectations and mostly thank you for giving me something to be excited about and talk about, for the last six months and the months ahead!  To see young people with a solid focus and motivation combined with passion for the service and the products they provide has been ‘proper magic’ to see. I am looking forward to the next time already.