Freshair Case Study

//Freshair Case Study

Freshair LogoCampaign Background

This campaign was focussed on Young women and in particular beauticians in Hull and the surrounding areas, a high percentage of which smoke.  It was important that this target audience did not feel as though they were being lectured to, and it was more to deliver a message in the most positive way about the benefits of not smoking.  TPC again was responsible for the design of this logo including a strap line of ‘It’s time for a fresh look’; the logo was designed to be elegant and definitely NOT corporate!  These resources were distributed around all the hair salons in hull and the surrounding areas and the campaign was launched at Hull and East Riding Hair Awards ceremony when the stand attracted a good deal of attention.

Mechanics Employed

Information packs
These packs were a bespoke design and had several features to them.  As mentioned this product was something that a young woman would be happy to carry about her person, detailing many benefits of not smoking.

  1. There was an information wheel showing if different amounts of money were not spent on cigarettes what beauty treatments they could afford to have instead.
  1. There was a plastic card printed on both sides showing some basic information regarding the benefits, this would be ideal for a purse and had the contact details on the card of the support service available for people wishing to stop smoking.
  1. There was an A4 insert incorporated into the pack with further information.

Lip Balms
These resources was delivered alongside the above information pack, they were tastefully presented and proved to be very popular with the target audience.

Results achieved – Client’s comments (For all three NHS Campaigns)

Mrs C, Tobacco Control Manager, Health Improvement Team, NHS Hull said, “Many products have been used in different ways to gain confidence from clients, promote a resource or to reach a difficult audience.  Obviously no one of these products has halted the prevalence of smoking but each in its own way has contributed to behaviour change, resource use and awareness raising.

It has been a pleasure to deal with TPC, I normally call them explaining the audience I want to target often with tight deadlines and leave it to them!  Very quickly they create innovative ideas to enable The Health Improvement team to deliver important messages in a more creative way to the people of Hull.

Their customer service is fantastic and nothing ever seems to be too much trouble, and I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to others.”

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