Smoke Free Zone Case Study

//Smoke Free Zone Case Study

Smoke Free ZoneCampaign Background
This was a campaign targeting young families in Hull.  TPC designed the logo which was then incorporated onto many different resources. The purpose of the campaign was to discourage smoking around young children and the strap line (again designed by TPC) was ‘Protect the air in the space you share’.  When the client was deciding on resources for the Smoke free zone they considered each stage of a child’s development and as such the products had to be age specific.

Mechanics Employed

Baby cups, bibs, baby feeding spoons
Useful products for babies branded with a gentle reminder as to how important it is to make the environment safe for children.

Rulers, pens and pencils, Reflective stickers, balloons
School children were the target audience with these products, again delivering a message but also remembering the need for safety with the use of reflective stickers.

NHS LogoTrolley coin key rings, full colour printed mugs, car window stickers
The products were used for adults but in particular young mothers.  The trolley coin key ring was to act as a reminder when shopping to a mother that either she should be congratulating herself on her success of not smoking or she should be making an effort to not smoke for the sake of both herself and her children.

Health Professionals promote the programme for example Health Visitors. Health Visitors see families with babies and young children at regular intervals. Raising the issue of tobacco can be difficult but opening the conversion and giving a small useful item can help. The promotional items in this instance had added value when seen by visitors to the house of enabling the parent to raise the issue with smoking family or friends.

Smokefree Items