Guardian Industries Case Study

//Guardian Industries Case Study

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The Promotion Company have been dealing with Guardian Industries for several years now and as a result of a recent end user show when case studies were presented we discovered how promotional merchandise has been used in their organisation.  When referring to reward and recognition schemes it would normally be associated with a thank you for good performance to an employee however in the case of this organisation it is used to encourage a safe and healthy workforce. 

Incentive Programme – Voucher Scheme

If an employee has an accident free year, two years or three years they are given ‘vouchers’ to recognise this.  The vouchers have values considering the achievement eg. A higher valued voucher for going 3 years without an accident.

If the employee can provide evidence that they practise a healthy lifestyle eg. Are a member of a sports team, can prove they eat five fruit and vegetables a day they would could claim a voucher.

If the employee attends the Family Open Days branded gifts are given to their children.

Mechanics Employed

The product range used for this scheme is varied, ranging from cooler bags, watches, back packs, brushed aluminium flasks, good quality winter coats, flash drives.  All can be claimed depending on the value of the vouchers they have accrued.

Results achieved/client’s comments

Ms W from Guardian Industries said “It brings immense value to our organisation, firstly we have a healthy workforce who feel valued which creates a motivated team of people.  Our staff retention is high, with an excellent staff attendance record, all of which creates a good working environment.”