Smokes No Joke Case Study

//Smokes No Joke Case Study

SmokeNoJoke LogoCampaign Background
This campaign was based around the launch of a website with a target audience of teenage children. The website facilitates children, parents and teachers and its purpose is to educate with regards to the benefits of not smoking. The website describes the Smirkin (based on the Hull accent and the pronunciation of the word smoking) family some of which smoke and some that do not. The website explores how smoking can affect all members of the family.

It is irrelevant, however, how good the website is if it does not achieve many visitors.  This website needed to be marketed in a positive way to gain the interest from young adults who can on occasions be a difficult group to reach.

The website was aimed at the teenage population of Hull and the surrounding areas and resources have been distributed to all the schools in the area and also to other agencies.

Mechanics Employed:

Full colour Q mat mouse mats
Computer related item – chosen to encourage people to visit the website

Full colour inserted rulers
The ruler artwork showing the dog of the Smirkin family, who was feeling a little ‘Woof’ as a result of the Smoke filled atmosphere.

Aqua business card/ student card holders
These products were filled with a black/brown liquid in an attempt to represent the tar on a smoker’s lung! The artwork included the question ‘Where does this Tar Stuff Live in a Smokers Body?’

Aqua bookmarks
Following the resounding success of the card holders Hull Libraries ordered the bookmarks with the same specification as above and were distributed to teenagers as part of the book week campaign.

Triple highlighters
Always a winner with teenagers

Phone sockies
TPC have sold tens of thousands of these products this year, they are very popular and we often sell phone charms alongside them.

Pencil cases
The smokes no joke website is a positive message regarding not smoking, the pencil cases can remind students whilst in a learning environment with access to the internet to visit the website.

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